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Our Story

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Olsten was started in lockdown 2020 as a small business with the desire to make quality sustainable products. It was born out of a passion for great smelling candles, and occasional disappointment at the quality and eco-credentials of the candles already on the market. 
 Each candle is made from soy wax, which is responsibly sourced and eco-friendly.  All packaging is recycled and recyclable. 

Last year we added a lovely range of ceramics, hand made by my very own Auntie Pam! They include coasters, tealight holders and outdoor pots. 
As a busy mum of three, Olsten is my escape, my passion and small business waiting to make it big when the kids start school!  The name Olsten is a combination of my two boys names - Oliver and Osten.  I've since had baby Heidi, so who knows how I will make her name fit.

Thank you for reading this far - and thank you for supporting Olsten. 

Beca x

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