Candle, Ceramics and Soap Set
The ultimate pairing of candle and soap, perfect for the bathroom, en-suite, kitchen, or anywhere else you fancy! 

Including a beautiful soap from the fab Sussex Soap House - their products are amazing quality, and their ethos and approach is closely aligned to ours. Sussex Soap House soaps are made without palm oil, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, artificial colours or animal products. 

The set is completed with some ceramic loveliness, to make this gift set a real luxury. The matching coaster and soap dish are hand made by my ceramicist (Aunty Pam) and will last forever.  

The sets come in three carefully selected combinations;

Beachcomber & Sea Salt -
🕯 The scented candle captures the freshness of an ocean breeze, blending crisp marine notes with sparkling citrus, on a base of sun-bleached driftwood.
🧼 This soap is formulated with a blend of English sea salt, fine English clay, Dorset charcoal and poppy seeds, our mineral-rich sea salt scrub naturally exfoliates, drawing impurities from the skin while boosting circulation.

Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Mint -
🕯 Sweet and strong peppermint mingles with freshly picked eucalytus leaves.
🧼 Formulated with a blend of pure organic coconut oil and English peppermint essential oil, our invigorating mint bar cools and soothes as it cleanses with a bubbly and creamy lather.

Pear, Freesia & Clay
🕯 A fruity and floral fragrance with notes of ripe pear, bergamot and patchouli, swiftly followed by the sweet aroma of freesia.
🧼 Formulated with mineral-rich clays, nourishing organic plant oils and a cleansing citrus blend of bergamot, lemon, and rosemary essential oils

All presented in complimentary gift box and wrapping - a saving of £2.50. 

Choose your candle and soap scents below.

Candle, Ceramics and Soap Set